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Friendship Links

Soroptimists are very keen on friends!

Clubs form Friendship Links to connect with members in other regions, countries or town. The platform of Soroptimism allows common goals and common commitments, including to foster harmony and international understanding. Together link clubs raise voices against inequality and inequity of women. Women across the Federation stand together in times of disaster and violence, and also in celebration.

Friendship Links afford the opportunity for Clubs to highlight the similarities and celebrate the dissimilarities of different cultures in different societies. It becomes a learning curve for visiting Soroptimists, and so a take-off point for better understanding and goodwill.

Garstang Friendship Links

Ulm - Germany, part of SI Europe

Founded in 1987, Friendship Link since 1988.


Kobe - Japan, part of SI of the Americas

Friendship Link since 2006.


Wakefield, West Yorkshire - United Kingdom

Founded in 1921, Friendship Link since 2014

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