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7 and 11 March 2015


Bric a Brac and Bras


garstang High Street / Garstang Golf Club



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Well, that was an unusual combination!

When we started our campaign to collect bras for Oxfam, we had no idea how successful it would be. "Let's ask everyone to give us their unwanted bars" we said. But how to collect them in? It had to be easy for people, ideally as part of their routine shopping trip etc and not needing too much effort. "What about a stall on the high street?" But if nobody turned up we would be stood there with an empty table feeling a bit lost....

So we decided on a Bric a Brac stall - raise a few pounds for a worthy charity and collect in any bra donations at the same time. Saturday 7 March was chosen as being the date nearest to International Women's Day and Garstang Market Hall kindly provided the stall for us.

It was bit chilly, and a cold wind kept whipping along when we least expected so one or two glass items got blown over and sadly broke.

But the stall was success with £131 being raised for the Diamond Education Grant charity which support women to gain education, training or qualifications.

And as for the bras - well, the final count is now over and we have approximately 520 bras to send off for Oxfam - didn't we all do well!

A great big thank you has to go to everybody who visited the stall on Saturday 7th and either handed over a bag of bras or bought some goods, and sometimes both.

Thank you!

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