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23 September 2012


39th Charter Lunch


Garstang Country Hotel and Golf Club


Members and guests from around the region

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A Charter celebration is basically the birthday party for a Club – the anniversary of when the club was started. We take the opportunity to come together and invite other Clubs in the Region, together with selected guests of the President and generally have a nice meal and lots of fun.

Our Charter this year was held at Garstang Golf Club and as usual the hotel staff ‘did us proud’. Following a chance to have pre-luncheon drinks and a good natter and catch up with old friends and a chance to make new ones, we were called in to dine.

Our Founder President Hazel Woodward took her position as toastmistress and started proceedings.

President Ruth gave us a warm welcome and, as the Charter event this year coincided with the UN International Day of Peace – a candle was lit by President Ruth’s great niece, the youngest person in the room and the peace statement was read by Doreen Eddleston.

Unfortunately, due to a minor domestic crisis at home (a son with a broken arm and a visit to A & E cannot be ignored), our President Elect – Nicola Cheetham was unable to attend and read the Vision, Mission & Goals of Soroptimism but Ruth kindly ‘volunteered’ me for the job.

Judith Grocott then led us in the Grace before we all tucked-in with relish to the super food on offer. As usual, the food met all our expectations and we had another chance to chat. These events are always good, as they provide a rare chance for the ‘Soropti-misters’ to join their partners.

The meal concluded with the Loyal Toast proposed by President Ruth.

Following a short break, we then completed the toasts for the event.

Patrick Hynes of Oikocredit International proposed the toast to Soproptimist International. He was most generous with lis praise for our organisation and I know it made all Soroptimists in the room proud to be members. If you would like to read his blog on the event follow the link: Toast to Soroptimist International

Jean Priestley, President of our Region, gave the response to this toast. I have to say that everyone struggled with the pronunciation of Oikocredit but it was worth the effort for the kind words spoken by Patrick.

The toast to our guests was given by President Ruth and, as is tradition, the members of SI Garstang stand to toast our visitors.

The response to this was given by the Mayor of Garstang, Councillor Sandra Perkins. I have to say, in the nicest possible way, that Sandra is a character. She is witty and sincere, speaks off the cuff but from the heart. She is always a delight to have at any event and her response on behalf of the guests was really warmly welcomed by all in attendance.

All in all, I would say our Charter event went really well and everyone had a good time. With a few closing words from our President the event was brought to a close for this year, but watch out for 2013 – our 40th Birthday!

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