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31 May and 08 Julyr 2012


Presidents Rose Bowl Competition




Soroptimists from across the Northwest Region

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The Presidents Rose Bowl was presented to the Region in 1980 by the then Regional President Mrs Margaret Parr and is given each year to the winner of the current Regional President’s challenge.

Well we went, we tried and we were strong enough to let another team win the Rose Bowl competition. President Ruth, Muriel, Annemarie and I (Lesley) joined other teams from the Region on the 31st May for an evening of 'Pointless Balderdash'. As we were all fairly clueless of the 'Pointless' quiz show and the game 'Balderdash', we were not off to a good start but we soldiered on with the 'Pointless' element of the quiz - trying to identify the least common elements/people/films, etc in a range of topics - can you recall the lesser known ingredients in a Christmas pudding or the Bond films starring Sean Connery?

Respite came in the form of tea and cakes and boy, we needed it!


We resumed with the 'Balderdash' section of the quiz. Where did Regional President Jean get the questions from? From the groans and puzzled looks around the room, the words Jean came up with and the possible definitions were pretty alien to as all! We tried to be logical, we used our knowledge of Latin and then we guessed - and judging by the collective groan around the room at the end when the answers were revealed - so did everyone else.

President Jean then kept us all in suspense until the day of the Regional Lunch (8th July) when the winner was to be announced and guess what – it wasn’t us! That honour went to SI Barrow but, much to our shock – we didn’t get the booby prize either.

We had a good evening, lots of chatting and eating and a big helping of mental stimulation!


This is a good event and one that the Regional President works hard to be exciting and different each year. It’s an event that existing and new club members should experience!

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