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08 July 2013


Backpack Project - Update 2


Forton CE Primary School.



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On Monday afternoon, 8th July, 3 members of Garstang Soroptimists visited Forton CE Primary School. We arrived laden with parcels, as we had arranged for 6 pupils at the school to help us with the packing of 10 backpacks to be donated to the Back Pack Project, part of the Mary’s Meals Charity.



Backpacking 2



We enjoyed working with the children, who helped to select the full list of items for each back pack, and label it up, ready to be sent to the Charity’s depot in Glasgow. From Glasgow, container loads of backpacks are sent out to Malawi, where each back pack enables a child whose family is unable to afford the basic equipment to attend primary school.


Forton School was selected to help us because a plea at Christmas, that if any children were receiving new back packs for Christmas, we could use their old back packs, appeared in the school newsletter and subsequently in the Courier, and resulted in the first of many generous donations to the project. We wanted to give the children the chance to help with completing the project which they had helped to start, way back in December.


As one of the children said, when they had finished packing, ‘So I’ve helped to change a child’s life today’.

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