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Welcome to Garstang Soroptimists
Welcome to Garstang Soroptimists

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The Sky’s the Limit?

Garstang Club did gather round

in Judith’s garden – on the ground

Our dearest wish that day to see

President Ann the plane to flee.

She bravely stood to conquer fear

To skydive down to help a cause

See Solar, Cook Solar, is her appeal

To give girls light and heat to cook.

So to the doctor, Ann did trot

To get her slip, to say she’s well

Health and Safety, it must be clear

Is there for danger to dispel.

What do you think the doctor said?

You must be mad, this will not do

Your blood is under so much pressure

You’re grounded till you simmer down!

So just for now the jump’s postponed

But worry not, we’ll carry on

Our lunch will run

And we’ll gather funds

Which we’ll hold until Ms Garvie jumps!

See Solar, Cook Solar project


15 June 2014


Skydiving Lunch in aid of 'See Solar, Cook Solar'


President Judith''s house


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