Welcome to Garstang Soroptimists
Welcome to Garstang Soroptimists

Focus Magazine December 2014 - part 2

Conference Update continued

EBOLA Action – Conference rises to the Challenge

Then along came Rose

Rose is from Kori, one of the remote villages of Sierra Leone, she began by apologising for being at Conference – she thought we would not want her to be there because of Ebola. We quickly assured her that she was more than welcome. The exhibition hall with approximately 1400 women attending, sat in stunned silence, many in tears, as Rose slowly described to us the horrors happening in her country; of the devastation Ebola was causing as her neighbours, friends, and family died.

It’s not just Ebola killing her country but widespread starvation - a result of a country unable to work effectively – people can’t work in fields or trade as before due to the effects of Ebola. When a person dies, if the house is not made of brick it is burnt down. For brick houses, only the contents are incinerated. This means the grieving family are left with no home or possessions.

She explained that aid is slowly arriving in Sierra Leone, but is not reaching remote areas like Kori quickly enough - food and medicine are scarce, as are basic hygiene products.

We were told that a container of supplies was loaded and ready to leave, it just needed transport funds. Buckets were put out and we were asked to help. By the following day (Fri) we had collected £1,400.00 – enough for half a container, by the end of conference (Sat) we had enough for two and as I write this article, one week later, we now have £8,653.00, enough for three containers, the first one is already on its way. Using our soroptimist network, it will go tamper free, straight to Kori, taking two weeks (general aid routes take up to four weeks), the other two deliveries will leave at one week intervals.

Garstang Soroptimists welcome new member Christina

Local News

Garstang club were delighted to welcome a new member in November, Mrs Christina Mary Fisher. Christina lives locally, is a Primary School Deputy Head in Wigan and badge secretary for the Garstang Scout group; we hope she enjoys being an active member of our club as she takes part in our work and play!

“Christmas is coming and the peas are getting hot, please put a ‘penny’ in OUR charity pot!!”

It’s that time again! We will be manning our Parched Peas stall on the High Street.

Don’t forget your Raffle Tickets - Look out for the Christmas Hamper, made up by our members, displayed in ’Iced’s’ window – all money raised go to help with the cost of the Christmas Lights.

Your local Soroptimists wish you a healthy and Happy Christmas!

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