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Focus Magazine July 2014

Charity Dog Show - Sunday 20th July

There is a class for everyone’s loveable pooch.

PEDIGREE Classes 1 – 8. Any variety:- Toy. Gundog. Hound. Utility. Pastoral. Terrier. Working. Puppy 1-12 months.

Judge Mrs Leonie Ball

NOVELTY Classes 1-10. Including;- Child Handling. Waggiest Tail. Best Rescue. Best Veteran (7-10yrs) Best Vintage (over 10yrs) The dog the Judge would most like to take home!

Judge Mrs Hilary McGrath (Garstang Town Cryer)

Entries taken from 12 noon, £1.00 per class,

All proceeds to charities supported by Soroptimist International of Garstang.


Our annual Regional competition for the Rose Bowl took place on the 29th May at Cabus Village Hall.

The clubs in our Region sent in teams of four to face whatever dastardly competition President Edna had set for this year.

From Garstang, we entered our team the Star Gang – quite a good anagram from our lovely town!

This year we faced a combination of ‘Countdown’ and ‘Call My Bluff’. We tried our hardest and did manage quite a few eight letter words, so we were quite proud of that. The numbers rounds were reasonably successful – one score bob on and the other one number out – so fingers crossed.

Between the two games, we took a break for a good supper, a drink and a raffle – lots of prizes and we raised £125 for the NSPCC.

The second session resumed with ‘Call My Bluff’. The devious quiz setter gave each team a word to read out, together with 3 possible definitions. Unfortunately, all the words were taken from obscure foreign languages.

Thank heavens for multiple-choice questions and the ability to guess!

We don’t actually find out the results until the 29th June when we have our Regional Lunch at the Crofters, so wish us well, and keep your fingers crossed and we’ll let you know how we did in the next issue.

More project news next month.

For more information, please do get in touch!

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