Club History
Welcome to Garstang Soroptimists
Welcome to Garstang Soroptimists

Garstang Club History

Soroptimist International of Garstang had its beginnings in the Horns Inn, Churchtown, Garstang, in early Spring 1973.

Mrs Edith Mortimer (Grange over Sands club) was the Divisional Union President (now Regional President), Miss Marjorie Robinson the Divisional Union Treasurer (Fylde club) and Mrs Vera Neald of Fylde club the Extension Officer (now Membership Officer). The Fylde club sponsored the decision to make a club in Garstang.

These three ladies had gathered together the names of 14 women they thought would make good Soroptimists:

Mrs Audrey Johnson

Gas Board

Mrs Heather Shaw

Deputy Head – Secondary

Miss Hazel Woodward

Head Teacher – Infants

Miss Kathleen Archer

Head Teacher – Primary

Mrs Monica Carr


Mrs Edith Kenyon


Mrs Joan Robinson


Mrs Leonore Wright

Horse Breeder

Mrs Jennifer Rainford

Dairy Farmer

Mrs Phyllis Mears

Company Secretary

Mrs Kay O’Riorden


Mrs Ruby Whiteside


Miss Peggy Barton

Civil Servant

Mrs Stella Coggin

Provender Merchant

In September 1973 we were chartered by Federation President Mrs Thelma Jarrett of the Melbourne Club, Australia.

Our club logo shows the green of the countryside, Garstang castle, and the River Wyre.

We have never been a large club – numbers fluctuating between 20 and 30 – but we have worked hard and enjoyed the friendship of fellow Soroptimists both within our club, the region, and much further afield whilst building a name for ourselves for our friendship and hospitality. We have friendship links with Ulm in Germany, Kobe in Japan, and Wakefield, Yorkshire.

Since 1973 we have done many things to further the aims of Soroptimism within Garstang, the Region, Nationally and Internationally. We have raised money; lobbied MPs; planted trees; packed Aqua Boxes and school backpacks; made a mosaic; given books, benches and musical instruments to local schools; helped feed the homeless; cleared canal paths, to name but a few.

Nine of our members have gone on to take Regional Office – 4 Regional Presidents, 2 Regional Secretaries, 1 Regional Treasurer and 2 Regional Programme Action Officers.

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